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Energy Mining Small Scale Biodiesel Production Equipment Acid Catalyzed

Energy Mining Small Scale Biodiesel Production Equipment Acid Catalyzed

Small Biodiesel Equipment Acid Catalyzed

Energy Mining Biodiesel Equipment Acid Catalyzed

small Biodiesel Equipment Acid Catalyzed

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Product Details
Applicable Industries:
Energy & Mining
Warranty Of Core Components:
1 Year
According To User Needs
According To User Needs
According To User Needs
1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
Depending On Process And Raw Materials
Fuel,Surfactant,Fatty Alcohols,etc.
Provide Complete Sets Of Equipment Of Different Sizes According To Use
Renewable Energy:
Use Oil As A Raw Material Of Plant Or Animal Oils And Fats
Acid-catalyzed, Base-catalyzed
Refined Crude Methyl Ester:
Multi-stage Molecular Distillation
Engineering Experience:
China, Vietnam, Malaysia And So On
Payment & Shipping Terms
$10,000.00 - $20,000.00/Square Meters
Packaging Details
According to the actual situation decision
Supply Ability
50 Unit/Units per Year
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Product Description

Energy Mining Small Scale Biodiesel Production Equipment Acid Catalyzed


Bio-diesel is a renewable energy source. It is made from vegetableoil and animal oil by catalysis reaction. In fact, not only the oilplants such as soya and rapeseed, but also the scrap cooking oil(subsurface channel oil, hogwash oil) in hotel and restaurant, livinggarbage, used plastic, old tyre, straw and so on can used to producebio-diesel.


As a green regenerated energy source, bio-diesel is important toenvironment care. It has wide used foreground.  Our technology ofproducing bio-diesel including 3 kinds:
1.The technology of producing bio-diesel by acidifying oil (subsurface channel oil, hogwash oil)
The acidifying oil has plentiful of fatty acid (the content isabove 40~60%). If react directly, the reaction process is long anddifficult to react every inch. So firstly we use the technology offractional distillation to separate the acidifying oil into neutral oiland fatty acid by the process of depickling. Secondly, go along withester-interchange reaction by adding methanol alcohol and actalescentcatalyst in neutral oil , adding methanol and acidic catalyst. After thetwo reactions it can gain bio-diesel and plant asphalt by fractionaldistillation.

The technique has widely used in all kinds of raw materials. Theproduct is high quality and yield percentage. It is environment caredand energy saved.
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2. The technology of producing bio-diesel by animal / vegetable oil
Animal/vegetableoil is a high-quality oil and fat. It includes few free fatty acid (thecontent is little than 2%). It can gain crude methyl ester and itsby-product crude glycerin by ester-exchange reaction of adding methylalcohol and alkalescene catalyst. It can gain bio-diesel after crudemethyl ester is distilled by short-path. After the crude glycerin ispretreatmented, short-path distilled, it can gain glycerin used inindustry and medicine.
Thetechnique is the same with high-quality raw material ofanimal/vegetable oil. The product is high quality and yield percentage.It is environment cared and energy saved. 

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3. The technology of producing bio-diesel by rancidity oil

In the rancidity oil, some oil and fat is ranciditied, so there issome free fatty acid. At first, the acid catalytic reaction is adapted,then adopt alkalinous catalytic reaction after the free fatty acidreacted completely. The free fatty oil become methyl ester after addingpyro alcohol and concentrated sulfuric acid under definite temperature(65~68℃). After the reaction of methyl ester, the sodium methylate ismade of pyro alcohol and NAOH. It can gain fatty acid methyl ester andit's by-product glycerin after the fat and oil and measurable pyroalcohol ester exchanged by the alkalinous catalyst of sodium methylateunder definite temperature (65~68℃).
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Packaging & Shipping

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Meet the requirements of overseas export goods packaging

Our Services


For the plants we design, FOREVER will provide the technology services and trainings.
  • Design and manufacturing the main devices, design or stocking of secondary devices.
  • Documents for the design and device.
  • Manufacture, delivery, assembly and commissioning of turnkey plants as well as components.
  • Testing for engineering and performance.
  • Maintenance and repair for the devices.
  • Receiving the messages about the client's trouble indistillation system, FOREVER will reply and provide the settled projectwithin 24 hours. If necessarily, we will do our best to send anexperienced service engineering within 72 hours. For the product weprovided, we will provide materials and spare parts cost-freely withinguarantee.
  • Training of customer's staff
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SiChuan Forever Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (FOREVER) (formerly named MianYang Forever M&E Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary company of SiChuan forever holding Co., Ltd which is invested by China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). The main products and services include:Short path distillator /molecular distillation apparatus;Thin film evaporator;Fractionation column;Heating circulator;Jet mixer;Distributed Control System(DCS);Turnkey plant;Tests of distillation/fractionation;Toll processing

Design for chemical engineering(including pressure vessel and pressure pipe)Relying on the strong scientific research power of CAEP and the mature chemical technology of SIPO, receiving excelsior excellent tradition of military industry enterprise, resorting first class processing equipments, strictly inner management, excellent human resource and reliable quality management system, FOREVER is specialist engaged in technology development and design and manufacture for main equipments in gentle thermal separation of liquid mixture, providing laboratory plants and turn-key plants. At present, there are many clients in China, America and Southeast Asia.

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"Creditable forever, innovation boundless." is our belief. "High efficiency, keeping improving" is our work style. We hope we can get your approbation and contribute to the developments of your company.

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